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Passive Coin Aggregated News and History

Please browse all news, developements, backing funds movements, issuance movements, etc. concerning our beloved Passive Coin.
You will find the aggregated news from the whole website, right below. Enjoy!

2021 News

Monkey Icon
February, 2021PAS 1000 Private Burning !!!
Who said only PAS project can burn Passive coins? PAS whale nicknamed Monkey who hold PAS from the very begining, support PAS now another way. He bought PAS 1000 on Uniswap v1 open market and burnt the whole amount in a big private burning!
Decreasing PAS supply by buy-backs and burning is a great way to boost PAS value long-term.
Passive Gold Coin Icon
January, 2021Passive Gold Coin (PASG) First Year Anniversary
Passive Gold was launched in January 2020, exactly twelve months ago. Passive Gold's initial holders cannot complain about the current state of PASG price. This young coin maintain healthy and growing Uniswap's liquidity pool for long-term stabilization and progress. Enjoy!

2020 News

Snowman Icon
December, 2020Happy & Prosperous Crypto New Year!
We all enjoy return of bull market for Bitcoin and other main alts, with institutional holding and acceptance increase. Our project's three cute Passives enjoy value increase (as well), due to ETH value up and Passive's supply going down. Wishing you prosperous crypto New Year (for the whole year).
Uniswap UNI Icon
September, 2020Uniswap's UNI native token launch
Uniswap success story exchange launch own native token with ticker UNI. Uniswap's team decided to distribute (airdrop) UNI to previous active traders and liquidity providers. Of course, our project gonna use UNI as a valuable asset to back our three Passives, long-term.
Uniswap Exchange Icon
June, 2020Uniswap v2 Launch and New Direct PAS Trading Pairs
Second improved version of Uniswap Exchange called Uniswap v2 was launched. New version allow opening and trade directly any erc-20 token against any other token. Our great supporter Brandon rushed to open new liquidity pools on Uniswap v2.
We are now able to trade directly PAS-PASG and PAS-PASS pairs. Such direct trades is also possible on Uniswap v1 (with ETH as intemediary).
Please browse direct trading links available on Passive family of coin's dedicated pages (main menu above).
Passive Gold Coin Icon
May, 2020Passive Gold Coin (PASG) Success Acievement
Our youngest baby, mean Passive Gold Coin was launched in January 2020. After some pumps and dumps, Passive Gold's liquidity pool stabilized and is in a unique situation of being very well balanced on both sides of the pool.
PASG side is filled with around 220 coins (over 20% of total supply) which brings in a lot of stabilization and good entry point for new buyers or accumulators. Passive Gold has ultra-low total supply (1000 coins) and have slow deflationary approach.
Passive Coin Icon
April, 202097,973.00 of Unclaimed Old PAS (Passive Coin) Was Burnt
There is 97,973.00 of unclaimed and unswapped old PAS in total. We decided to burn this coins to drastically reduce new PAS supply.
Firstly. 80K was burnt in February, today the rest. In second burning round, PAS 17,973.00 was burnt.
All new PAS holders can enjoy reduced supply that could help achieve more stability and value increase, long-term.
Passive Coin Icon
March, 2020Passive Coin (PAS) Swap Conducted
Due to security and other main reasons, we decided to conduct swap from PAS old smart contract to PAS new smart contract. Old PAS holders was offered to swap 100% of their holdings, free of charge. Passive project is now registered owner of PAS new smart contract at Etherscan.
Passive Gold Coin Icon
February, 2020Passive Gold Coin Is Alive!
We created and launched another fascinating Passive Gold Coin cute project. Ultra low supply of 1000 coins gonna bring us a lot of enjoyment and growing valuation. PASG (Passive Gold) is Ethereum blockchain based ERC-20 token. Please visit Passive Gold page, for more details.
Uniswap Exchange Icon
January, 2020PAS Liquidty Pool Crossed ETH 20 Level
It's really great to announce our Uniswap main PAS-ETH market crossed ETH 20 level, for good. It's another awesome small step achievement, for such small niche project. Growing Uniswap liquidity pool allow instant trade execution, without waiting for buyer or seller.

2019 News

Christmas Snowman Icon
December, 2019Happy & Prosperous Crypto New Year!
Crypto-winter is over in the ending 2019. We expect a lot of fun and happines for Passive Coin & other cryptocurencies hodlers, in 2020.
Wishing you a lot of profits.
Passive Silver Coin Icon
August, 2019Passive Silver Coin is alive!
We created and launched new fascinating Passive Silver Coin small project. Ultra low supply of 5000 coins gonna bring us a lot of enjoyment and growing valuation. PASS (Passive Silver) is Ethereum blockchain based token. Please visit Passive Silver page, for more details.
Uniswap Exchange Icon
July, 2019Passive Coin added to Uniswap Exchange
You can buy or sell PAS coin on revolutionary Ethereum blockchain based Uniswap exchange, where PAS and ETH growing instant liquidity pool is avaialble. Instant order execution and growing reserves makes Uniswap a great place to stay, for PAS project. Go to Uniswap.
Vitae Token Icon
June, 2019Vitae Token added to our backing fund
We started accumulating and staking great new coin called Vitae Token - a basis for awesome community and prospective project. Vitae has plans to provide a new age social rewards network to give opportunity for financial freedom. Please visit Vitae Token website.
Website Icon
May, 2019Passive Coin's Website Refurbishement
A lot of our home-page sections was refurbished in order to stay updated to changes in our niche project. We also added special page called PAS Burning Summary to show up our commitment to decrease PAS supply & circulation long-term.
ForkDelta Exchange Icon
April, 2019PAS Market Activity at ForkDelta Exchange
As a niche project, we experienced increase in trading activity on PAS - ETH market at ForkDelta exchange. Some of our buy-orders was fulfilled and we was able to make PAS buy-backs to decrease supply & circulation. We enjoy people found PAS project interesting one!
Uniswap Exchange Icon
March, 2019Uniswap Exchange Success
We noticed a great success of Uniswap Exchange, the automatic market-making exchange on top of Ethereum blockchain. Uniswap has a great feature called liquidity pool which help maintain trading liquidity for the listed coin. We will list PAS on Unisweap soon.
Growing Backing Fund Icon
February, 2019Stakes in SHARD and ALQO accumulated
Seems bear market is a perfect time to buy & accumulate good coins for long-term crypto-portfolio. We accumulated promising tokens of ALQO and SHARD, with the last one poised to launch awesome exchange called Shardax, now in beta version.
New Year's Snowman Icon
January, 2019Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!
No more champagne and the fireworks are through. Here we are crypto investors feeling lost and feeling blue. We are in the middle of the so-called crypto-winter. Happy New Year! May we all have a vision of crypto-wealth! Keeps on going ... anyway.

2018 News

Crypto-currency Buy Icon
December, 2018Crypto Winter Bite Is Getting Tighter
Overall "crypto-winter" is around. Some crypto project's teams view the bear market as a blessing for quiet, heads-down, development-focused time. PAS team believes the bear market has made it easier to bargain with quality coins bought very cheap. Accumulating time.
Growing Backing Fund Icon
November, 2018Passive Coin Backing Fund start accumulating SHARD coin
Shard can be used not only as a cryptocurrency, but also as a utility coin in multiple Shardax projects. Such as a Digital Asset Exchange & Staking Platform, Universal Wallet and Quantum Project. Shardax uses 20% of their profits for buying and burning Shard. Shard Coin.
Palm & Travel Icon
September-October, 2018Crypto Vacations
We need some absence from a crypto regular activity, not a specific trip or journey,just for the purpose of recreation and staying away from crypto markets. Haven't gone to specific festivals or celebrations. However, need some relief from crypto charts in red colours.
Growing Backing Fund Icon
August, 2018Passive Coin Backing Fund accumulate ALQO coins!
ALQO is quality Swiss-German project listed at our beloved Crypto-Bridge exchange. Every 15 days, we receive dividend from Crypto-Bridge exchange for staking BCO coin. For this dividends we buy and accumulate ALQO coins, long-term. Please check our PAS Backing Fund page.
Passive Coin Icon
July, 2018Please withdraw PAS from
Passive Coin is no longer listed on This exchange owners de-listed Passive Coin due to lack of volume. Please withdraw your PAS from this mentioned exchange and secure your Passive Coins in your own wallet, like MyEtherWallet, for example. Thank you!
Crypto-currency Buy-Back icon
June, 2018We crossed PAS 10,000 in Passive Coin Buy-Backs!
As unexpected buy-backs going forward, we crossed PAS 10,000 as first small milestone in total buy-backs counting. We will continue unexpected Passive Coin buy-backs to bring long-term value for PAS coins loyal holders. Please check our Passive Coin Buy Backs page.
Crypto-currency Buy-Back icon
May, 2018PAS - ETH trading pair opened on ForkDelta
Due to de-listing of Passive Coin from Stocks Exchange, we moved to ForkDelta exchange where PAS-ETH pair is available. Please support Passive Coin project and be part of active trading on Passive Coin Market on ForkDelta. Thank you.
Crypto-currency Buy-Back icon
April, 2018The biggest unexpected Passive Coin Buy-Back happened!
It was really amazing to consume the big sale wall on Passive Coin live market. We bought back astonishing amount of PAS 2917 in one transaction and we believe that such buy-backs will help boost PAS project long-term. Please check our Passive Coin Buy Backs page.
Growing Backing Fund Icon
March, 2018Passive Coin Evolve into "Active Coin"
Despite Passive Coin name, we are switching to more active management of our digital portfolio. We abandon strictly long-term passive holding approach and start playing more active role on the crypto markets. We also looking for new investment targets more actively.

February 2018 News

Growing Backing Fund Icon
February, 2018EOS added to our Backing Fund
Another interesting but controversial EOS coin was added to our growing Backing Fund. EOS was started by Dan Larimer the founder and creator of Bitshares as well as Steem. Please check our updated Passive Coin Backing Fund.
Calendar News Icon
February, 2018Passive Coin Added to World Coin Index
Our small but great Passive Coin project was added to World Coin Index, which list awesome and legitimate coins & tokens. You can check PAS price in USD and a lot of other fiat & crypto currencies, live there. Please check listing of Passive Coin at World Coin Index.
Growing Backing Fund Icon
February, 2018Ignition Coin, Solaris and Denarius added to our Passive Coin's Reserves
Three new great low-supply coins: Ignition Coin, Denarius and Solaris was added to our growing Backing Fund (We accumulate them slowly). We opened new section in our reserves called: Low Supply Coins. Please check our updated Passive Coin Backing Fund.

January 2018 News

Growing Backing Fund Icon
January, 2018Aura and IDXM tokens added to our Backing Fund
Two new great promising coins IDXM (Membership Token) and Aura from IDEX exchange was added to our growing Backing Fund, to the exchange's and financial coins section of our backing fund. Please check our updated Passive Coin Backing Fund.
Sale Round icon
January, 2018Passive Coin Listed on IDEX Exchange
We are pleased to announce opening of PAS - ETH trading pair on IDEX Exchange. Of course, Passive is low supply coin and we are not sure this new pair will gain any popularity. If you like our project, please join and support Passive Coin Trading on IDEX Exchange.
Growing Backing Fund Icon
January, 2018Monero added to our Backing Fund
Another great coin called Monero was added to our growing Backing Fund, in the section of top rated coins! We added only 6 Monero (XMR) but our main goal is to boost diversification, in our Passive Coin's Reserves. Please check our updated Passive Coin Backing Fund.
Twitter Icon
January, 2018Our Twitter Group Gained 500+ Followers
Our official Twitter Group is alive and kicking! Our Twitter group is getting very popular and more crypto enthusiasts, traders and Passive Coin's project supporters joining everyday. Please join our growing Twitter community:
Mobile Icon
January, 2018Passive Coin Added to GetDelta
Great to announce that Passive Coin is added to GetDelta, which is the ultimate cryptocurrency portfolio tracker tool for iOS & Android. You can manage all your cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and over 2000 alt coins. Please visit GetDelta.
Growing Backing Fund Icon
January, 2018Bancor Network Token added to our Backing Fund
Bancor Network Token (BNT) was added to our growing Backing Fund, as the first new quality addition in New Year! Bancor is building highly efficient financial network, where you can issue own token. Please check our Passive Coin Backing Fund page for more details.
Mobile Icon
January, 2018Passive Coin Added to BitUniverse
Great to announce that Passive Coin is added to BitUniverse, where you can track realtime price of cryptocurrencies. Track the price of all kinds of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other altcoins, including Passive Coin. Please visit BitUniverse.

2017 News

Growing Backing Fund Icon
December, 2017We Welcome Zcash and Experience Points in our Reserves
Our famous Backing Fund experience rapid grow in value and is getting more diversified. Let's welcome new awesome additions: quality Zcash (ZEC) and Experience Points (XP). XP coin is popular at CryptoBridge exchange. Please check our Passive Coin Backing Fund.
Sale Round icon
December, 2017Passive Coin Listed on Stocks Exchange
We are pleased to announce opening of PAS - BTC trading pair on Stocks Exchange. Of course, Passive is low supply coin and we do not expect great volume, in the beginning. If you like our project, please join and support Passive Coin Trading on Stocks Exchange.
Growing Backing Fund Icon
December, 2017DASH is welcome to our Backing Fund
We welcome Dash - new and quality addition to our list of accumulated digital assets. Dash is used to make instant, private payments online or in-store using secure open-source platform. Please check our growing and more diversified Backing Fund and Reserves page.
Sale Round icon
December, 2017Initial Sale Rounds Are Over
We experienced great success in Passive Coin initial sale rounds, which was closed on December, 7. Early-birds adopters and crypto-enthusiasts enjoyed opportunity to accumulate PAS, in price range from 2 to 18 cents. You can check our archive page: Initial Sale Rounds.
Etherscan Icon
December, 2017Passive Coin Verified at Etherscan
We are pleased to announce that Passive Coin got verified at the Ethereum's block explore called Etherscan. Awesome to see Passive logo there! You can check the Passive Coin transfers and holders, plus all important links related to Passive Coin project are available there.
Growing Backing Fund Icon
November, 2017We welcome Waves and BridgeCoin in our Reserves
Our Reserves grow and are more diversified. We welcome new valuable additions: Waves and BridgeCoin coins. The last one is crypto currency of growing decentralized exchange called CryptoBridge. Please check our Passive Coin Backing Fund page for more details.
Bitcointalk Forum Icon
November, 2017Bitcointalk Forum Topic Is Open
We are pleased to announce that we opened Passive Coin's dedicated topic at Bitcointalk forum. The majority of Bitcoin and crypto-enthusiasts visit this forum to gather more information. Please visit our topic at Bitcointalk Forum. Thank you!
Growing Backing Fund Icon
November, 2017NEO and KuCoinShares Added to Backing Fund
Our Backing Fund grow and is getting better and better. We need to diversify our reserves long-term. This way, we bought and welcome new crypto-currencies: NEO and KuCoinShares. Please check our Passive Coin Backing Fund page to gather more details.
CryptoCurrencyTalk Forum Icon
November, 2017We Opened CryptoCurrencyTalk Forum Topic
We are pleased to announce that we opened Passive Coin's dedicated topic at CryptoCurrencyTalk forum. This forum is not so popular like Bitcointalk forum but visited by crypto-enthusiasts, from time to time. Please visit our topic at CryptoCurrencyTalk Forum. Thank you!
Clipboard icon
November, 2017Passive Coin Whitepaper Finally Ready
We are pleased to announce that final version of our long-awaited whitepaper is ready and available to read in online version at page: Passive Coin Whitepaper. We believe it's packed with valuable information about our project in a condensed way.
Growing Backing Fund Icon
November, 2017Litecoin and Hedge Token added to Backing Fund
The proceeds from sale rounds no. 2 to 7 was added to backing fund. We welcome Litecoin and Hedge Token as new additions. We aim to have diversified portfolio in our growing backing fund. Please check our Passive Coin Backing Fund page to gather more details.
Sale Round icon
November, 2017A Lot of Sale Rounds Are Over
We experienced really amazing interest from crypto-lovers and crypto-enthusiasts in our small Passive Coin project. Sale of our coin happened so fast, I had no time to update news about it. Initial sale rounds no. 1 to 10 are over and all coins are paid by buyers.
Twitter Icon
October, 2017Passive Coin Twitter Group is Live!
Our official Twitter Group is born. Popular additional place to meet for crypto-currencies enthusiasts, and our coin adopters and supporters.
Please join our community:
Growing Backing Fund Icon
October, 2017Bitcoin added to backing fund
The proceeds from first sale round for owner in amount of $1200 was added to backing fund, exchanged for Bitcoin asset in the amount of BTC 0.2925. Please check our growing Backing Fund. When next sale rounds happened, we will see more diversified backing fund.
Sale Round icon
October, 2017The first sale round for owner
The scheduled dedicated first sale round for owner happened. 60,000 Passive Coins was sold to Dariusz Kudlaty for a priviledged price of $0.02 per coin. Please check our Passive Coin Issuance page for the planned distribution details.
Telegram Social Icon
October, 2017Passive Coin Telegram Group is Live!
Although, Facebook group remain our main channel of communication, we decided to open Telegram group for our project.
Our official Telegram Group is born. Please join our community:
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October, 2017Passive Coin Facebook Group is Live!
Our official Facebook Group is born. Great place to meet for crypto-currencies enthusiasts, and our coin adopters and backers.
Please join our community:
Backing Fund Grow Icon
September, 2017First asset added to backing fund
Minereum token (MNE) is the first crypto-currency added to our Passive Coin backing fund. I voluntary added MNE 15.24073491 that is amount of Minereum tokens left from our Minereum deploy service order. Maybe not much, but "something" for the good beginning.
Passive Coin Icon
September, 2017Passive Coin was born physically
On 17. September, we used the Minereum service to physically deploy our Passive Coin. 500,000 coins were issued and it was fun to create new crypto-currency. It will be long journey to make Passive Coin valuable asset. Patience and perseverance will help us.
Website Icon
August - September, 2017The development of website has started
In the last days of August, I started developing this website. I really hope that you enjoy the layout and color scheme. However, your feedback is valuable and welcome. Of course, this website will evolve in time, while Passive Coin project is going to mature.
Calendar News Icon
July - August, 2017The idea of Passive Coin was born
The concept of small coin based on fair "intrinsic value" was born in my head. I discovered the name and some crucial details, just out of the blue. The name Passive Coin represents the idea of creating long-term value passive way, by increasing the value of backing fund.