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Passive Coin Aggregated News and History

Please browse all news, developements, backing funds movements, issuance movements, etc. concerning our beloved Passive Coin.
You will find the aggregated news from the whole website, right below. Enjoy!
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December, 2017Passive Coin Verified at Etherscan
We are pleased to announce that Passive Coin got verified at the Ethereum's block explore called Etherscan. Awesome to see Passive logo there! You can check the Passive Coin transfers and holders, plus all important links related to Passive Coin project are available there.
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November, 2017We welcome Waves and BridgeCoin in our Reserves
Our Reserves grow and are more diversified. We welcome new valuable additions: Waves and BridgeCoin coins. The last one is crypto currency of growing decentralized exchange called CryptoBridge. Please check our Passive Coin Backing Fund page for more details.
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November, 2017Bitcointalk Forum Topic Is Open
We are pleased to announce that we opened Passive Coin's dedicated topic at Bitcointalk forum. The majority of Bitcoin and crypto-enthusiasts visit this forum to gather more information. Please visit our topic at Bitcointalk Forum. Thank you!
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November, 2017NEO and KuCoinShares Added to Backing Fund
Our Backing Fund grow and is getting better and better. We need to diversify our reserves long-term. This way, we bought and welcome new crypto-currencies: NEO and KuCoinShares. Please check our Passive Coin Backing Fund page to gather more details.
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November, 2017We Opened CryptoCurrencyTalk Forum Topic
We are pleased to announce that we opened Passive Coin's dedicated topic at CryptoCurrencyTalk forum. This forum is not so popular like Bitcointalk forum but visited by crypto-enthusiasts, from time to time. Please visit our topic at CryptoCurrencyTalk Forum. Thank you!
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November, 2017Passive Coin Whitepaper Finally Ready
We are pleased to announce that final version of our long-awaited whitepaper is ready and available to read in online version at page: Passive Coin Whitepaper. We believe it's packed with valuable information about our project in a condensed way.
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November, 2017Litecoin and Hedge Token added to Backing Fund
The proceeds from sale rounds no. 2 to 7 was added to backing fund. We welcome Litecoin and Hedge Token as new additions. We aim to have diversified portfolio in our growing backing fund. Please check our Passive Coin Backing Fund page to gather more details.
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November, 2017A Lot of Sale Rounds Are Over
We experienced really amazing interest from crypto-lovers and crypto-enthusiasts in our small Passive Coin project. Sale of our coin happened so fast, I had no time to update news about it. Initial sale rounds no. 1 to 10 are over and all coins are paid by buyers.
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October, 2017Passive Coin Twitter Group is Live!
Our official Twitter Group is born. Popular additional place to meet for crypto-currencies enthusiasts, and our coin adopters and supporters.
Please join our community:
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October, 2017Bitcoin added to backing fund
The proceeds from first sale round for owner in amount of $1200 was added to backing fund, exchanged for Bitcoin asset in the amount of BTC 0.2925. Please check our growing Backing Fund. When next sale rounds happened, we will see more diversified backing fund.
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October, 2017The first sale round for owner
The scheduled dedicated first sale round for owner happened. 60,000 Passive Coins was sold to Dariusz Kudlaty for a priviledged price of $0.02 per coin. Please check our Passive Coin Issuance page for the planned distribution details.
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October, 2017Passive Coin Telegram Group is Live!
Although, Facebook group remain our main channel of communication, we decided to open Telegram group for our project.
Our official Telegram Group is born. Please join our community:
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October, 2017Passive Coin Facebook Group is Live!
Our official Facebook Group is born. Great place to meet for crypto-currencies enthusiasts, and our coin adopters and backers.
Please join our community:
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September, 2017First asset added to backing fund
Minereum token (MNE) is the first crypto-currency added to our Passive Coin backing fund. I voluntary added MNE 15.24073491 that is amount of Minereum tokens left from our Minereum deploy service order. Maybe not much, but "something" for the good beginning.
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September, 2017Passive Coin was born physically
On 17. September, we used the Minereum service to physically deploy our Passive Coin. 500,000 coins were issued and it was fun to create new crypto-currency. It will be long journey to make Passive Coin valuable asset. Patience and perseverance will help us.
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August - September, 2017The development of website has started
In the last days of August, I started developing this website. I really hope that you enjoy the layout and color scheme. However, your feedback is valuable and welcome. Of course, this website will evolve in time, while Passive Coin project is going to mature.
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July - August, 2017The idea of Passive Coin was born
The concept of small coin based on fair "intrinsic value" was born in my head. I discovered the name and some crucial details, just out of the blue. The name Passive Coin represents the idea of creating long-term value passive way, by increasing the value of backing fund.