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Creating Long-Term Value Passive Way
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Passive Coin is a niche long-term low-supply
with unique features like backing fund & unexpected buy-backs!
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PAS - ETH pair is available to trade at
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Welcome to Passive Coin

Passive Coin is a small crypto-currency project born in September, 2017. We issued limited quantity of 500,000 coins based on Ethereum network.
In order to boost the long-term value of Passive Coin, we will passively maintain Backing Fund, composed of some top crypto-currencies and promising coins, tokens and digital assets.
Please scroll down to read more about Passive Coin idea and long-term goals.
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Passive Coin Latest News
and Developments
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May, 2018PAS - ETH trading pair opened on ForkDelta
We moved to ForkDelta exchange where PAS-ETH pair is available. Please support Passive Coin project and be part of active trading: Passive Coin Market on ForkDelta.
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April, 2018The biggest unexpected Passive Coin Buy-Back happened!
We bought back astonishing amount of PAS 2917 in one transaction, in order to help boost PAS project long-term. Please check our Passive Coin Buy Backs page.
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March, 2018Passive Coin evolve into "Active Coin"
Despite Passive Coin name, we are switching to more active management of our digital portfolio. We abandon strictly long-term passive holding of assets in backing fund.
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February, 2018EOS added to our Backing Fund
Another interesting but controversial EOS coin was added to our growing Backing Fund. Please check our updated Passive Coin Backing Fund.
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February, 2018Passive Coin Added to World Coin Index
Our small but great Passive Coin project was added to World Coin Index. Please check listing of Passive Coin at World Coin Index.

Passive Coin Three Main Simply Goals

Backing Fund

Passive Coin is backed by Backing Fund, composed of fine & promising crypto-currencies, tokens and digital assets.

Creating Long-Term Value

All proceeds from Passive Coin initial sale rounds & swaps will go to increase our diversified Backing Fund.

Passive Simplicity

Passively managed growing & diversified Backing Fund simply cause long-term
Passive Coin value appreciation.

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Passive Coin Backing Fund Idea,
Long-Term Approach and Goals
Passive Coin Backing Fund
  • The majority of less known crypto-currencies have not any long-term inner value. You mine them and happily hold them in your wallet, but is there any future behind hundreds of "empty" coins, except "pumping price" moments at exchange?
  • We are going to take different approach and we do maintain Passive Coin Backing Fund. Such concept is not new one and even official central banks keep reserves in gold, good currencies and other valuable assets.
  • In the ocean of hundreds of "empty crypto-currencies", our cute little coin will be small bright star, backed by Passive Coin Backing Fund, composed of some most famous crypto-currencies and other promising coins, tokens and digital assets.
Creating Long-Term Value Passive Way
  • All proceeds from Passive Coin initial sale rounds will go to increase our Backing Fund and toward increase our coin "inner" value. Early-birds adopters, initial sale purchasers and long-term holders could expect higher Passive Coin valuation, due to the never-ending increase of the "inner" value of our coin.
  • We are maintaining our backing fund passive way. There will be not any day-trading, nor hours spend at the front of currency pairs charts.
    We are going to adjust our fund due to changes in the crypto-currencies world, on weekly basis. However, if we will see any swift changes or some coins are artificially pumped, we will act smartly to sell or buy some digital assets.
  • Calmly boosting the value of our backing fund is our main long-term goal.
Passive Coin Small Issuance
  • Initially, we planned to issue 1Million of Passive Coin. After careful consideration, we decided to issue 500,000 coins, like in chamber music style. We believe limited issuance will boost the long-term value of our coin.
  • Please keep in mind that we will hold some of our coins for future market-making on the exchange. 50,000 Passive coins will be kept as an investment itself, inside the house.
  • In our opinion, small issuance will keep supply limited thus help achieve higher valuation goal.
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Passive Coin Technical
  • Type: Ethereum Token ERC20
  • Name: PASSIVE
  • Fixed Supply: 500,000 coins
  • Symbol: PAS
  • Decimals: 18
  • Smart Contract Address: 0x34453c84b
  • Blockexplorer:

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