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Passive Coin Circulation

Total Passive Coins in Real Circulation

192,647.07 coins

Total Passive Coins Locked - Out of Circulation

298,000 coins

Total Passive Coins Fixed Supply

500,000 coins

Passive Coin Circulation Details
Public Ownership
Future Public Ownership
In-House Investment
Future Projects Backing Investment
Project Maintenance
Admin Ownership
Buy-Backs(Out of Circulation)
40,000 locked
100,000 locked forever
100,000 locked forever
8,000 locked
50,000 locked
170,647.07 in circul.
10,000 in circulation
2,000 in circulation
10,000 in circulation
Passive Coin Circulation Legend
  • Public Ownership - Total number of coins in public ownership.
  • Future Public Ownership - The pool of coins we plan for future sale via exchange(s), for market-making at exchange(s), or to swap for other promising/reliable crypto-currencies. All proceeds from this pool will boost our Backing Fund.
  • In-House Investment - Important pool of coins hold for investment inside house. We invest in our own coin which is a very good asset.
  • Future Projects Backing Investment - We plan some future projects where valuable Passive Coin will be used as a backing of this projects.
  • Project Maintenance - Fixed pool of coins used to help us pay for domain name, hosting and any other project's expenses.
  • Admin Ownership - Fixed pool owned by admin Dariusz. Admin voluntary decided to lock 50,000 Passive Coins - this amount of coins will be not available for sale (not available for public circulation), for next two years.
  • Buy-Backs - We do some unexpected buy-backs, in order to boost the value of Passive Coin, long-term. We collect coins bought back in unspendable account. More details available at dedicated page: Passive Coin Buy Backs
We reserve the right to move coins between pools at our sole discretion, in order to improve project long-term. Any changes will be noticed at our news page and via social-media channels.